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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Dave Warner
      Gearhead is the BEST

      This coffee is the daily, weekly goto brew. Their lite and medium roasts are great, and their darker roasts are simply the best I've had. Love the company, the coffee and the team! Keep up the good work and the great coffee!

      Joey Detrick
      New flavor test

      Fan of the 427 for awhile now. The Texas Pecan is way good and hopefully converted my wife off the Starbucks nonsense.

      Mike miller
      good coffee

      coffee and customer service is awesome beadlocker and injected are very good haven't tried 427 yet

      "Sparky" Sasek
      Love the Gear Oil ...

      We ordered Columbian Bam Bam, Big Block and Gear Oil. I was pretty certain that Bam Bam would likely be my personal fave, but I was wrong. While we like all of them, Gear Oil has become #1 choice in our family!!

      We'll most certainly be ordering more beans soon! (Being here in Texas, Beadlock is definitely on our radar to try in the near future!!)

      Thanks much for your Awesome Customer Service in placing our order, and of course -- your Great selection of beans!! -- "Sparky" --

      Wyatt Fraley

      Awesome will be ordering 3 roasts from now on