Bailey Cole

Bailey Cole is a professional off-road racer in the Ultra4 series. He began wheeling in Johnson Valley when he was six, but didn’t start racing until he was 14. He started in the stock class and has progressed all the way up to fully unlimited race cars. Some career highlights include: King of Britain, King of France, Legends National Champion, and in 2019, 3rd place finisher at King of the Hammers. Bailey has also competed and done well in desert racing, short course racing, and rock crawling... he is sort of a jack of all trades in this way. Bailey has been lucky enough to race and work with some of the best people in the industry including his father, Dave Cole- founder of the Ultra4 series, Robbie Gordon, Pistol Pete, Jesse Haines, and Rob Mac. 

Outside of racing, Bailey is an incredibly mellow guy who loves spending time with his family whenever he can. He is a full time student at NAU in Flagstaff, AZ and has really enjoyed snow wheeling on the rare weekend that he is home. 

Bailey is incredibly excited to partner with Gearhead coffee because, “not only is the product amazing, but I’m excited to have a partnership with a race-based family business who wants to continue to help build the race community.”

Instagram: @bailey_cole_racing 

Facebook: Bailey Cole- Ultra4 Driver