What Fuels Gillin Interiors

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow Gearhead, Gilbert Monge, owner of Gillin Interiors - a leading automotive interior design company. Here's what he had to say about his love for cars, coffee, and his biggest accomplishments.

  1. When did the automotive bug bite you? Gilbert shared that his passion for cars started at a young age, being the youngest of four brothers in the house. He officially started his business in 2006.

  2. Why do you focus on interiors as opposed to other areas of a car? Gilbert revealed that he chose the interior business because he noticed heavy competition in mechanical and paint industries. He realized that the interior market was wide open, and knew he could quickly build a brand and use that brand down the road to expand services.

  3. Out of the Gearhead Coffee roasts - which one is your favorite? As a coffee enthusiast and business owner, Gilbert was excited to answer this question. He said that his favorite Gearhead Coffee roast is Gear Oil, stating that he loves a strong roast to keep him going.

  4. Do you use cream or sugar? How do you like your coffee? Gilbert likes his coffee black and his whiskey neat, preferring to let the natural flavors shine.

  5. What's one of your favorite builds you were a part of? When asked about his favorite builds, Gilbert cited a recent project where Gillin Interiors completed the interior on a 1967 Chevy Nova with deep black paint and a red interior. He stated that it was definitely something they were proud of.

  6. What's your biggest automotive accomplishment? Gilbert's biggest automotive accomplishment was creating a brand from just an idea to filming with Discovery Channel on Robert Downey JR's upcoming show. He described the experience as surreal and fulfilling, and a testament to the hard work and dedication it takes to build a successful business.

  7. Any words of encouragement for up and coming Gearheads? To aspiring gearheads, Gilbert had some inspiring words of advice. He urged them to dream big and do the work, acknowledging that it's not an easy road but that dedication to building a business will pay off in the end.

Gilbert's passion for cars and interiors, combined with his love for strong coffee, has led to a successful business and some incredible accomplishments. Gilbert is a true Gearhead! It was a pleasure to chat with him about his journey, and we can't wait to see what he and Gillin Interiors will do next.

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