Mint 400 Coffee Recap

2019 MINT 400

March 12th,

Gearhead Coffee made its official launch at the 2019 Mint 400!  The entire Gearhead team arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday, March 6th to start setting up the contingency booth.  On Thursday morning the booth was set up by Duane Wilde and Wesley Graves.  It was set and ready at the main stage area near where the Best In the Desert driver registration was located.  Mint 400 and BITD crew and volunteers were the first to be served.  The day started out great with people stopping by and buying cups and checking out the reservoirs and hats that were available.  Coffee cookies made with "Small Block Light Roast" were also an early morning hit.  Shantelle Schulz worked hard preparing them and we are very grateful she did.  On the second day Jimco Racing was nice enough to make some room so a satellite location could be set up on Fremont Street.  This proved to be extremely beneficial for us as the spectator traffic was insane.  The crew had a hard time brewing enough coffee to keep everyone served, but they worked hard and made it happen.  

On Saturday the whole operation was moved to Primm, Nevada.  Wes Graves did a great job negotiating and was able to get set up right at the entrance.  Spectators were coming in groves to get a warm cup of coffee early.  By the afternoon they had switched to the High Octane Nitro Cold Brew.  The nitrogen bubbles and smooth taste gave a refreshing change to everyone.  The cold brew was so easy to drink that one customer polished it off in under 5 seconds.  The following day the Gearhead Girls of Jaymie McIntire, Shantelle Schulz and Tammy Metzger held down the fort while the guys were in the pits racing.  Jeff Schulz was on site answering questions and meeting new customers all day long.  


The entire Gearhead Coffee team would like to thank everyone who came out to the Mint 400 and supported us and all the racers that participated.  Without the support of the fans none of us would have been able to be there.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the UTV Championships on August 6th.  


Gearhead set up at Mint 400Coffee on Fremont StreetJessi CombsHappy CustomerGearhead and Rookie Motorsports enjoying a nice dinner.