Jacob Peter Wins!

Jacob Peter Scores a Win and A Podium at Las Vegas WORCS


Canyon Lake, CA (4/20/2019) – Absolute Motorsports’ Jacob Peter put in two competitive showings during the WORCS SXS Youth races at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Driving his Carr One Fabrication built Polaris RZRs equipped with GBC tires and Walker Evans Suspension, Peter won the 170 race after starting last and finished second in the 570 event.

In the 170 event, Peter started last on the final row, but was quickly made his way through the field. The Vegas track is unique in that it is WORCS’ shortest track, but also one of the most demanding with pavement sections, log and tire obstacles. The 170 machine kept him busy, but he pulled off the win, his first this season in the class.


“I had to start at the back of the field because of my points so I had to make sure to give it a good battle,” said Peter. “The logs were rough on my car and the asphalt was really slippery. I started pushing hard at the start making my way past the other racer and obstacles.”


With such a short course there was a lot of lap traffic, so Peter relied heavily on communication with his father to know his position. He watched his dad intently and his guidance paid off big time.

“Every time I passed my dad, he let me know how many people were in front of me and to catch them,” said Peter. “Most of the time, he is pretty excited during the race. He is very helpful while I drive my car.”


The victory moves him up to seventh in points and within easy striking distance of the top three. WORCS added another round, in Taft, CA, so that should give Peter a shot at the title.


“Now all I have to do is keep pushing and get as many points as I can,” said Peter. “The additional race is a great opportunity for me to get more points and catch up with everyone else.”


In the 570 race Peter put in his hardest charge of the weekend, trying to catch event winner Mikey Kelly. He nearly caught Kelly by the end or the race and finished second.

“At the beginning of the race I just kept fighting,” said Peter. “I had to pick new lines and jump some of the doubles to keep up with Mikey. I drove my hardest to finish second.  The weekend was great because we haven’t been able to run the 570 much this year so It was great to be able to run the race and finish second.”


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